Providing moments of family unity.

The Ryan Callahan Foundation brings unforgettable experiences to children battling cancer. Our goal is to give these kids and their families an exciting escape that they can enjoy together, far from their daily hardships. We believe these special moments of togetherness have the power to elevate each family’s hopes and spirit.

Our story

The Ryan Callahan Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Ryan and his family to make memorable experiences a reality for kids who are battling, or who have survived, cancer. In partnership with several highly respected national organizations and many generous volunteers, the Foundation covers the costs and coordinates all the planning for the adventures these kids dream of. And though each may be a little different, in every case, families can count on the gift of support, hope, strength, encouragement, and love.

What if a child and family accustomed to hospital rooms and barrages of tests could suddenly get away to the thrill of a live hockey game with Ryan and other Lightning players? Or go on a sun-filled fishing charter with a special guest? Or explore the magical wonder of a day at Disney? These are the kind of joyful mental, physical and spiritual escapes from day-to-day stresses that the Callahan’s aim to bring to brave pediatric cancer patients and their families in Tampa Bay and throughout the country.