Providing moments of family unity.

The Ryan Callahan Foundation brings unforgettable experiences to children battling cancer. Our goal is to give these kids and their families an exciting escape that they can enjoy together, far from their daily hardships. We believe these special moments of togetherness have the power to elevate each family’s hopes and spirit.

Our story

The Ryan Callahan Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Ryan and wife, Kyla, to make memorable experiences a reality for newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients and their families, those in the depths of their fight and continuing the relationship with families who are bereaved. The foundation focuses on the family unit as a whole, providing moments of escape to strengthen a families bond, allowing them to persevere through the stressors pediatric cancer has forced their family to endure.


The foundation runs three major community outreach programs; the 24 Club, Cally’s Crew and Cally’s Comforts. Ryan and Kyla strive to alleviate the financial burden pediatric cancer has claimed on a family through the 24 Club’s financial assistance program. In addition to this assistance, the foundation provides family vacations, where all expenses are paid, for a family to escape the day-to-day hardships of battling cancer. We are thrilled to bring back our Cally’s Crew suite for the 2023-2024 Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey season. The foundation uses this VIP experience to bring together families with similar struggles to strengthen a sense of community in the isolated world of pediatric cancer. Lastly, the foundation’s Cally’s Comforts program provides a day of respite care for the families they assist consistent of hair and nail services, massages and facials, and make up applications. Following a day of pampering we provide a family photographer to capture the essence of the day.


In partnership with several local non-profits, the Ryan Callahan Foundation continues to grow their programming and assist more families. We are proud to be the major partner and presenting sponsor of the Children Cancer Center’s, health and wellness program, RISE. (Restoration in Strength and Energy). While continuing to honor our late ambassador Tony Colton, the foundation has developed a program in honor of Tony, in partnership with Hough Funeral home, named Bridging Tony’s Legacy. This program aims at easing the financial burden for families who have lost a child to pediatric cancer. The foundation is thrilled to partner with Finn’s Fighter’s while developing a mental health program, details to come!


After the Callahan’s move north in 2020, they have planted their roots in Rochester, NY, and have established their second branch of the Ryan Callahan Foundation. We are proud to say we are now running all of our programming in both cities, striving to assist more pediatric cancer patients and their families.

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