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I am so very grateful to Ryan and his wife Kyla for allowing me and my family to attend a Lightning game as guest of “Cally’s Crew”.  The Callahan’s are truly amazing people.

I was diagnosed, September 22, 2014,  at age 13, with a rare form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, I have something called the Philadelphia Chromosome with the ALL, it just made treatment a little harder and a bit longer.  In 18 months I had over 30 hospital stays, some easy stays and some not so easy stays.  I have always been a Lightning fan and a huge Callahan fan so when they invited me to be a guest in “Cally’s Crew” I was so excited and honored.  My doctors worked my treatment around that game so I could attend and be as healthy as I could. I loved watching Callahan and the Lightning play and win, but I mostly liked meeting Kyla, she was wonderful to all of us.  Such a kind, sweet woman.  When her and I were talking she said she hoped Ryan scored this game, that he was in a dry spell.  She said maybe I would be the good luck he needed.  Then, Callahan scored!  It was awesome!!!  Mrs. Callahan came over to me and gave me a hug, we were so excited for him.

Thank you Ryan, Kyla, and Cally’s Crew for everything you have done for me during my treatment. I am forever a fan!